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I'm Thankful for Our "Box"
#028 – I’m Thankful for Our “Box”

It’s time for one of my favorite holidays of the year, Thanksgiving. I’m well aware that I tend to rant, rave and complain about things on this podcast; however, to my own self admission, there are certainly many dynamics out there that I am grateful and thankful for. Time to show some appreciation.

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"Pay Your Fair Share." What a Hoax!
#027 – “Pay Your Fair Share.” What a Hoax!

Before you jump to the conclusion that I’m a greedy person who does not want to help anyone, please give me a chance to explain my logic and offer up some statistics on why I believe what I do. If you disagree, that’s cool… but at least give me a chance.

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David Krauss: A Hustlin' Millennial
#026 – David Krauss: A Hustlin’ Millennial

David Krauss is a 21 year old millennial monster. I mean “monster” as a massive compliment though as David by no means fits into the stereotypical classification of a millennial. He’s still young in years, but he’s made and is currently making decisions that we can all learn from to improve our financial well being.

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Here's Your Competition...
#025 – Here’s Your Competition…

Whether you want to admit it or not, life is one massive competition, especially within the workforce. There is no need to be scared of this, but like anyone who has played sports knows, it is always wise to learn more about your competition. When it comes to competition in the labor market… well…. if […]

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Zivojin Vlahovic: 100 Hour Weeks for The American Dream
#024 – Zivojin Vlahovic: 100 Hour Weeks for The American Dream

Zivojin (“Zee”) is an immigrant to the United States from Serbia. He is someone I admire to the fullest extent due to his attitude, perspective and work ethic that his journey has displayed. Know someone that likes to play the victim card or complain about “the system”? Refer them to Zee’s story.

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Pathetic High School. Beautiful Free Markets.
#023 – Pathetic High School. Beautiful Free Markets.

When the markets are allow to actually operate freely, it truly is a thing of beauty to watch how everyone benefits. Well, almost everyone… for the kids that attend this school in Florida, they are unfortunately not going to do well in such great economic times.

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