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Numbers Are Just Numbers
#054 – Numbers Are Just Numbers

A buddy of mine made the statement: “numbers are just numbers” and while we did joke around and give him a hard time about it, in my mind at least, it was a brilliant statement. Given the scary statistics that seem to come out more and more these days, I think it’s always wise to […]

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#053 - 62% Of Millennials Need a New Plan
#053 – 62% Of Millennials Need a New Plan

Looking into the future, I’m a bit nervous with how this is all going to play out. I’m assuming millennials don’t want to work the rest of their life, but when 62% of are on track to have $0.00 saved up for retirement….. ummmm…. that is going to be awkward! In all seriousness though, you […]

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#052 - $17,000 to $24.2 Million. BOOM!
#052 – $17,000 to $24.2 Million. BOOM!

This is some great stuff! Well…. at least I hope you find it motivating and inspiring. Sadly, some people do not find it very motivating and actually take the exact opposite stance on it. As always, you are more than free to have your own opinion on it, but I wanted to share my thoughts […]

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#051 - Minimum Wages. Does It Work?
#051 – Minimum Wages. Does It Work?

It’s always a hotly contested issue and while I do understand both sides of the debate, I want to step away from “opinions” and focus more so on basic and elementary economics. My aim, as always, is to be as clear and logical about my thought process as possible. I make no promises you agree […]

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#050 - Forcing People To Save?
#050 – Forcing People To Save?

This is some scary stuff. The type of logic and justification process for forcing certain things upon people is extremely sketchy in terms of the can of worms it opens up further. It blows my mind just how much blame this author puts on everything else other than the actual problem. Forcing me and my […]

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#049 - Accidentally Making $150,000 Per Year?
#049 – Accidentally Making $150,000 Per Year?

An interesting survey was recently conducted and the results are stunning, but not really. I suppose it could be a total coincidence that certain people who behave in a certain way find themselves in a much different place compared to other people who choose to behave differently. Some great data released via the survey, and […]

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