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#069 - Blame Low Credit Scores? Pure Garbage!
#069 – Blame Low Credit Scores? Pure Garbage!

It has been a while since an article has really gotten me fired up, but the streak has come to an end. When I see garbage like this being floated around, it makes me furious and sad all at the same time. Our goal should be to identify the problems so that we can find […]

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#068 - Criticism Is An Opportunity
#068 – Criticism Is An Opportunity

I’ll be the first to admit it is not necessarily enjoyable to receive criticism of ideas or products/services that you have put time and effort into. Criticism is part of life and in all actuality, should be embraced. How so? According to Ray Dalio (worth billions of dollars), you should view any type of criticism […]

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7 Regrets. Where Do You Stand?
#067 – 7 Regrets. Where Do You Stand?

Listening to those who have “been there, done that” can be extremely beneficial. Thanks to this therapist sharing some of her biggest regrets in life, it gives all us “younger folk” the opportunity to avoid these same things. While I do not necessarily agree with all here regrets; however, there were a couple things said […]

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#066 - $100,000 By This Age
#066 – $100,000 By This Age

When it comes to financial matters and building wealth, I believe it’s very logical to listen to what someone worth billions of dollars has to say. I don’t believe you should blindly follow anyone; however, understanding why they are proclaiming what they are is always worth considering. In this case, the billionaire giving the advice […]

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#065 - The New Trend Is Starting
#065 – The New Trend Is Starting

A new survey has been released that reveals the start of a much bigger change in thought process towards a massive problem that is currently plaguing society. It’s amazing how free markets truly do work themselves out, even when they aren’t totally unburdened by external forces. I can only imagine how if you removed one […]

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#064 - CEO Gives Advice To Get Promotion
#064 – CEO Gives Advice To Get Promotion

I can only speak for myself, but whenever someone who is worth millions of dollars and in charge of one of the world’s biggest companies gives advice, I am certainly going to listen. Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, recently gave his thoughts and advice on getting promoted. Although I am not seeking a promotion at […]

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