How to Disagree… Productively | #117

Maybe you are not aware? There seems to be a whole lot of disagreement in the world today. It takes about 1.4 seconds on social media to realize the amount of disagreement that exists. Let me state upfront, there is nothing wrong with disagreement at all… in fact, I would say it is healthy to have disagreement. This is where things get tricky, however. Having disagreement when people “know how” to disagree with each other is awesome because it can make things better and more productive, but on the other hand, when those two people do not “know how” to disagree, well… take a look around social media. How can people disagree BUT still be productive in their disagreement? It’s possible and there are some interesting tactics out there from the world of “how to get the job” that translate nicely into the real world. Let’s talk about it and all strive to do a better job when coming across someone you disagree with.

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