A Skill to Get An Edge | #122

There are many skills you will need to learn as a beginner day trader if you want to avoid failing. I understand this can seem like a negative approach to be focused on failing; however, when you focus on what can cause you to fail as a day trader, you can address those issues and therefore, prevent them from happening. If you can prevent them from happening, in this case by exposing the hidden skill, you have a much better chance at making money consistently from day trading. Most beginner day traders look at the stock market in certain way which is correct, to an extent. The problem is they are not looking at the entire picture due to the hidden nature of learning how to day trade. In this video I want to show you one of these hidden skills you’ll need to have, and I show you not through “theory” but through real life practical results from my personal trading results. You will watch the concept play out right before your eyes and see just how frustrating this all can be. While you need knowledge of how to read a technical chart and level 2’s, there is more to making money than that. Let’s get to it!

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