About Money With Clay

Money with Clay, at it’s core, is a place of hope. Yes, I’m aware that sounds pretty cheesy, but it’s the truth. Whether that hope revolves around you realizing you can destroy the debt in your life which is causing all kinds of stress or the hope of knowing you can and will have financial freedom, the solutions I show offer genuine hope.

I’ve created this site to show you the proven strategies and plans that have worked for me to take control of my life, payoff $163,000 of personal debt and build wealth (the current phase I’m in).

My belief is that everyone can become a millionaire. It’s a belief backed up with data via past history and simple mathematics. The catch? You need a viable plan in place, and this plan must be executed over and over and over again. If you want a site that is geared towards turning you into a millionaire by next month, you will be sorely disappointed in what I have to offer.

My definition of wealth may not be what you would normally think of. Sure, wealth can certainly buy fancy cars, huge mansions and exotic vacations (and there is nothing wrong with any of that); however, the power of wealth that I personally seek is in the form of peacepeace of mind to be more specific. When you have a plan, you have control, this in return gives you peace of mind, and when you have peace of mind, you can sleep like a baby at night… this is true wealth!

What makes me most passionate about all of this is the fact that ANYONE and EVERYONE can do it. As much as I’d love to be a professional athlete, that’s not reality. I could work as hard as humanly possible, but due to my physical limitations, me getting a call from a professional basketball team is not happening. This is NOT the case with personal finance and wealth building. These opportunities are all about mindset – and we all have a mind. It’s just a matter of getting your mind to focus on what it should: hope.

Who is this Clay guy?

I’m just a normal guy in my 30’s who has a beautiful wife, four great kids, and awesome friends. What probably makes me a little different is my intense passion for numbers and assisting others to accomplish their goals by sharing what has worked for me.

Honestly, I never knew I enjoyed teaching/coaching/mentoring (whatever you want to call it) until my senior year of high school. During my senior year, we were required to job shadow three different professions (one week each) and then write a final paper on it. My three weeks were spent with an engineer, a lawyer, and a teacher. While I ultimately chose to major in engineering due to the huge job demand for that profession, the experience I enjoyed the most was with my former 5th grade teacher. She allowed me to teach a few different lessons (and put my own twist on them) and I had a great time with it, but most importantly, I discovered an unknown passion I had for trying to help others learn.

Money with Clay allows me to enter into the teaching arena that I enjoyed so much during that high school experience. However, I will not sit here and pretend to be a perfect angel that is doing this all solely out of the kindness of my heart… the extra money I make for doing something I love is pretty awesome. It’s a true “Win-Win” for everyone. You get to learn how to take control of your money, destroy debt, and build wealth, and I get to do what I love while making some extra income doing it!

Real Estate Investing


Multiple Income Streams


As I stated, I am currently in the wealth building phase of my journey. This includes multiple streams of income from my businesses, real estate investing, stock market activity and… cows… long story short, I overheard a farmer at my church talking about how he wanted to expand his cow operation, so I approached him and here I am. A partial owner of multiple cows!

I’ve been through a lot and found what works and what is a waste of effort and time. I can’t claim any of it is rocket science; however, it does require a REALISTIC plan with obtainable goals. This is what allowed me to pay off my $163,000 in debt and transition into the current wealth build phase.

I’d love to show you how to accomplish what I have and set you on the pathway to the financial freedom I’ve had since age 25!

A Brief History

This is not my first attempt at helping others and teaching. I run an entirely different site, ClayTrader.com, that is geared around the same idea: helping others learn to trade in the markets.

The concept is the exact same at Money with Clay, the only difference is the topic.

My other site has opened many doors of opportunity. The community that has been built still blows my mind to this day. It has given me the chance to travel all over the country to meet up with community members and add in a whole other layer of relationship. To look people in the eye and hear their stories is powerful and is something you just have to experience!

Fort Lauderdale




I’ve proven to myself that I apparently am pretty good at teaching and that my way of explaining things can and does help people get to where they want to go.

When you combine this with the fact that (like I said already) ANYONE and EVERYONE can have success with personal finance and wealth building, it seemed like a no-brainer decision to give Money with Clay a try.

So here I am… ready to help and walk with you side-by-side through your journey.

My question to you is, are you ready to take control of your life, destroy the debt, and in time, become a millionaire?

If so, let’s go!

Control Your Life. Reap the Rewards.

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