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LATEST EPISODE: #083 – Time to Rant. What a Joke!


#083 - Time to Rant. What a Joke!
#083 – Time to Rant. What a Joke!

There was a newly released “data dump” and the conclusions taken from it were mind boggling. I’m objective and can admit that, sure, maybe their conclusions are true; however, to not even mention the other possibilities of why this situation exists is laughable. This mentality of “blaming the tool/system” instead of the people in the […]

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#082 - If I Had $0 (Here's What I'd Do...)
#082 – If I Had $0 (Here’s What I’d Do…)

If I lost it all and had $0 to my name and needed to start all over… what would I do? There is a huge opportunity out there right now that could make you up to (maybe more) $65 per hour. Let’s talk about it.

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#081 - Save Money With This Easy Strategy (No Sacrifice Needed!)
#081 – Save Money With This Easy Strategy (No Sacrifice Needed!)

While I realize the idea of “saving money” without needing to sacrifice anything seems too good to be true, in this situation, it is not. The problem with saving money is most people automatically believe you need to make crazy sacrifices and are not allowed to “have fun”. This could not be any further from […]

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#080 – Ready to Work the Rest of Your Life?

Well… the harsh reality is that with some newly released data, quite a few people out there are going to be working for the rest of their lives. As someone who believes their is great value in being able to “look into the future” and learn from what other people are experiencing (regretting), this new […]

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#079 - From Stupid to $300,000 in Savings
#079 – From Stupid to $300,000 in Savings

As nice as it would be to never make mistakes and do stupid things, it’s not reality. We have all done dumb things, so it becomes a question of whether or not you can recover from the stupidity. The answer is, without doubt, that you certainly can. I want to introduce you to a couple […]

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#078 - The Value of Being Present
#078 – The Value of Being Present

Want to get ahead in life? Looking to make yourself more attractive at work to get more responsibility and promotions? A psychologist provides some excellent pointers in making yourself a bigger asset in life. Whether that be at your job or as a parent, there are some great tips that were made that I now […]

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