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LATEST EPISODE: #066 – $100,000 By This Age


#066 - $100,000 By This Age
#066 – $100,000 By This Age

When it comes to financial matters and building wealth, I believe it’s very logical to listen to what someone worth billions of dollars has to say. I don’t believe you should blindly follow anyone; however, understanding why they are proclaiming what they are is always worth considering. In this case, the billionaire giving the advice […]

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#065 - The New Trend Is Starting
#065 – The New Trend Is Starting

A new survey has been released that reveals the start of a much bigger change in thought process towards a massive problem that is currently plaguing society. It’s amazing how free markets truly do work themselves out, even when they aren’t totally unburdened by external forces. I can only imagine how if you removed one […]

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#064 - CEO Gives Advice To Get Promotion
#064 – CEO Gives Advice To Get Promotion

I can only speak for myself, but whenever someone who is worth millions of dollars and in charge of one of the world’s biggest companies gives advice, I am certainly going to listen. Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, recently gave his thoughts and advice on getting promoted. Although I am not seeking a promotion at […]

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#063 - No Breakfast. No Lunch Money. Sad...
#063 – No Breakfast. No Lunch Money. Sad…

I actually recorded this on a Saturday afternoon. A very bizarre time to be sitting alone in my office talking to myself, but as I mention on the episode, this particular article really stirred up several emotions. To know these situations are occurring is very sad, but at the same time, it makes me angry […]

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#062 - Wait. They Said What???
#062 – Wait. They Said What???

The more I think about the logic and cited sources in this article, the more I want to do a Part 2 and continue my ranting. While the article deals with kids still living at home with their parents and being financially dependent on them, there is an underlying “attitude” that is just sad. I’m […]

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#061 - How To Properly Ask For Advice
#061 – How To Properly Ask For Advice

Just because the research comes from Harvard doesn’t mean I always automatically agree with it. In this situation not only have I experienced much of what they are talking about, but I’ve also screwed up quite a bit too. Perhaps you already have the art of asking for advice figured out, but one thing is […]

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