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Join me as I talk all things wealth. To me wealth is about more than money, it's about living your life in a way that gives you maximum peace of mind. Let's focus on a lifestyle that will lower stress and raise the overall quality of life.

LATEST EPISODE: #031 – A Tale of 2 Mentalities


#031 - A Tale of 2 Mentalities
#031 – A Tale of 2 Mentalities

Two people face the same problem: being “later” in years and having $0 saved for retirement. While the problem was the same, the two approaches to fixing the issue could not have been any more drastic than what they were. It still blows my mind just how powerful and productive the proper mentality can be.

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Health and Money
#030 – Health and Money

When it comes to lifestyle, health and money work in a circular fashion where they compliment one another very efficiently. With that being said, they both can work against one another when there is not a proper plan and mindset in place. Some of the statistics out there are flat out scary when it comes […]

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The Cost of Contentment
#029 – The Cost of Contentment

Whether it is politics, economics or business, one of the most talked about areas of all three is jobs and wages. In order to best understand jobs and what creates them and/or has them “shipped overseas”, we need to look at some human psychology in regards to what makes you happy?

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I'm Thankful for Our "Box"
#028 – I’m Thankful for Our “Box”

It’s time for one of my favorite holidays of the year, Thanksgiving. I’m well aware that I tend to rant, rave and complain about things on this podcast; however, to my own self admission, there are certainly many dynamics out there that I am grateful and thankful for. Time to show some appreciation.

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"Pay Your Fair Share." What a Hoax!
#027 – “Pay Your Fair Share.” What a Hoax!

Before you jump to the conclusion that I’m a greedy person who does not want to help anyone, please give me a chance to explain my logic and offer up some statistics on why I believe what I do. If you disagree, that’s cool… but at least give me a chance.

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David Krauss: A Hustlin' Millennial
#026 – David Krauss: A Hustlin’ Millennial

David Krauss is a 21 year old millennial monster. I mean “monster” as a massive compliment though as David by no means fits into the stereotypical classification of a millennial. He’s still young in years, but he’s made and is currently making decisions that we can all learn from to improve our financial well being.

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