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LATEST EPISODE: #057 – A Shopaholic That Inspires Me


#057 - A Shopaholic That Inspires Me
#057 – A Shopaholic That Inspires Me

Never did I think I’d be admitting to this, but the story of this 20-year-old “shopaholic” is quite motivating and inspiring when you look beyond the surface. I would have never imagined there would be so many solid and practical learning lessons within this article I go through, but wow…. there are some talking points […]

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#056 - Nigerian Scam Still Work? Sadly. Yup!
#056 – Nigerian Scam Still Work? Sadly. Yup!

There was a newly released study on what scams are causing people the most headaches and near the top: Nigerian prince scams. At this point in time, I have no idea how people can be falling for this, but hey, it’s a good talking point so let’s discuss it!

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#055 - Are Regulations Needed?
#055 – Are Regulations Needed?

I received a comment on YouTube about how regulations are needed in order to protect society from greedy companies. It brings up an interesting talking point for sure; however, it also presents the opportunity to illustrate how you can logically approach and offer a counterpoint to something you may disagree with. There is no need […]

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Numbers Are Just Numbers
#054 – Numbers Are Just Numbers

A buddy of mine made the statement: “numbers are just numbers” and while we did joke around and give him a hard time about it, in my mind at least, it was a brilliant statement. Given the scary statistics that seem to come out more and more these days, I think it’s always wise to […]

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#053 - 62% Of Millennials Need a New Plan
#053 – 62% Of Millennials Need a New Plan

Looking into the future, I’m a bit nervous with how this is all going to play out. I’m assuming millennials don’t want to work the rest of their life, but when 62% of are on track to have $0.00 saved up for retirement….. ummmm…. that is going to be awkward! In all seriousness though, you […]

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#052 - $17,000 to $24.2 Million. BOOM!
#052 – $17,000 to $24.2 Million. BOOM!

This is some great stuff! Well…. at least I hope you find it motivating and inspiring. Sadly, some people do not find it very motivating and actually take the exact opposite stance on it. As always, you are more than free to have your own opinion on it, but I wanted to share my thoughts […]

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