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LATEST EPISODE: #040 – Workers Can Become Shareholders


Workers Can Become Shareholders
#040 – Workers Can Become Shareholders

Oh look, politicians misleading the general public! What a rare sight that is… ugh… it’s time to start focusing on what YOU can do rather than blaming some third party and demanding that THEY do something. The attitude of the wealthy is that of, “is there an action I can take to make this situation […]

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#039 - Unintended (Termite) Consequences
#039 – Unintended (Termite) Consequences

It’s really sad to see such high ranking officials adopt the types of attitudes they do when it comes to short term vs. long term decisions. To admit there are problems, but because they are not immediate, you ignore them is the perfect recipe for “big picture pain” and that’s exactly what has occurred in […]

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#038 - How to Fix Corrupt Politics
#038 – How to Fix Corrupt Politics

There is a common ground that I believe both Republican and Democrat voters could agree on: money in politics creates a whole lot of shadiness. This is by no means a revolutionary discovery or observation in my part; it’s a well known problem, but I figure I’d give my thoughts on a solution to it […]

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#037 - Keep Your Money in Your Hands.
#037 – Keep Your Money in Your Hands.

It’s tax time. Thanks to a listener of the podcast submitting an email with a suggestion and question, we have ourselves a very practical episode of what to consider and be aware of when it comes to taxes. In particular, what is your strategy in regards to your tax refund. Is there a way you […]

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#036 – A Kidney for an iPhone?
#036 – A Kidney for an iPhone?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, you get slammed with a couple articles like these. Don’t get me wrong, these are some sad events, but they’re extremely fascinating in terms of illustrating just how far the human mind will drag you down if you allow it.

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#035 - 401k Loans. Should You?
#035 – 401k Loans. Should You?

A listener sent me an email with the idea to dive deeper into borrowing money from your 401k. Through their experience, they’ve encountered many friends and family who use their 401ks to borrow money from because the loans are “free”. Is this actually true? On the surface, yes… but down under the surface, things get […]

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