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LATEST EPISODE: #075 – $300,000 in Savings and $130,000 Salary. Here’s How…


#075 - $300,000 in Savings and $130,000 Salary. Here's How...
#075 – $300,000 in Savings and $130,000 Salary. Here’s How…

The next time you come across someone who says (or implies) that “the system” is rigged against normal people, PLEASE send them a link to the article I talk about in this week’s episode. It’s amazing how when you make good decisions and combine them with the willingness to hustle and grind, great things can […]

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#074 - Is Free Actually Free?
#074 – Is Free Actually Free?

Let me keep this short and to the point… in no way, shape, or form is something advertised as “free” actually “free”. Especially when the government gets involved. There are lots of policies and ideas centered around the idea that “the government will take care of it”; however, let’s do a bit more critical thinking […]

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#073 - Greed Kills
#073 – Greed Kills

Greed is a savage emotion. It can (and will) wreck any kind of ambitions you have towards building wealth and a life that you are in full control of. Just how nasty can greed be? Thanks to a newly released article from The Wall Street Journal, the industry of “car payments” is spinning out of […]

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#072 - Whose Fault Is It? You Decide...
#072 – Whose Fault Is It? You Decide…

Perhaps you will disagree with me on this topic, but that’s okay. Progress is made in all solutions by hearing multiple opinions and viewpoints. That’s what I want to do here. I go through a recent article and present my thoughts and viewpoint on it. I’d like to think I make a strong case for […]

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#071 - Debt For NON-Essential Items?
#071 – Debt For NON-Essential Items?

Let me state the obvious: life can “get hard”. When this happens to you, will you be prepared to caught off guard and be forced into even harder circumstances? On the bright side of things, according to the statistics, there are people out there fully prepared to weather any financial hardships if they should strike. […]

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#070 - Higher Risk. Higher Taxes?
#070 – Higher Risk. Higher Taxes?

Warren Buffet’s secretary pays higher taxes than he does? Have you ever heard this before? I know I have. There was just a newly released proposal to address this issue and I want to take a deeper look into how all this works. It may surprise you (sarcasm font), but politicians on both sides of […]

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