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LATEST EPISODE: #087 – 5 Mental Traps. Avoid!


#087 - 5 Mental Traps. Avoid!
#087 – 5 Mental Traps. Avoid!

It’s time to use some science to improve our mental abilities and get more productive. Whether you are talking about work, home, hobby or anything, the human mind plays a massive role in determining the outcomes. I’m by no means perfect when it comes to understanding the mind, but this article (using science) does a […]

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Warren Buffet and Emotional Intelligence
#086 – Warren Buffet and Emotional Intelligence

It’s amazing how powerful and influential a single statement can be. Investing great Warren Buffet shares one sentence that one of his mentors told him that helped shape and mold his life. I must agree though. I am without doubt going to take this one, simple, sentence and apply it to my life as it […]

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#085 - Start With The End
#085 – Start With The End

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, I have an idea for you. I’ve talked it this strategy many times before; however, there is now a bit more context regarding it after a some newly released advice from someone who has found great success in the world of business building. Sure, it may sound […]

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#084 - Sloppy Is Better!
#084 – Sloppy Is Better!

When it comes to life and our perceptions of “things”, in this situation Christmas gifts… sometimes doing the exact opposite of what society suggests is the better route. There is some new research available that is actually quite comical in certain ways; however, it does help give some valuable lessons within personal finance and wealth […]

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#083 - Time to Rant. What a Joke!
#083 – Time to Rant. What a Joke!

There was a newly released “data dump” and the conclusions taken from it were mind boggling. I’m objective and can admit that, sure, maybe their conclusions are true; however, to not even mention the other possibilities of why this situation exists is laughable. This mentality of “blaming the tool/system” instead of the people in the […]

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#082 - If I Had $0 (Here's What I'd Do...)
#082 – If I Had $0 (Here’s What I’d Do…)

If I lost it all and had $0 to my name and needed to start all over… what would I do? There is a huge opportunity out there right now that could make you up to (maybe more) $65 per hour. Let’s talk about it.

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