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Join me as I talk all things wealth. To me wealth is about more than money, it's about living your life in a way that gives you maximum peace of mind. Let's focus on a lifestyle that will lower stress and raise the overall quality of life.

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Ethan Young: The Power in Changing Perspective
#021 – Ethan Young: The Power in Changing Perspective

Ethan is a business owner and real estate investor. Earlier on in his life he had a much different viewpoint on the world, yet, to his full credit despite being surrounded by non like-minded people, he was able to break free and build a life for himself.

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Horror Stories of Not Having a Plan
#020 – Horror Stories of Not Having a Plan

What happens when you don’t have a plan? This is what happens… (spoiler alert: it ain’t pretty)

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$61,372 - Where Do You Stand?
#019 – $61,372 – Where Do You Stand?

There were some recent statistics released that show the average wages people are making in America. Where do you stand in regards to these wages? Are you below? No worries. You now have a number you can shoot for and I talk about several paths you can take to not only get to the number, […]

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Wage Increases. Let's Talk.
#018 – Wage Increases. Let’s Talk.

One of the most popular talking points a politician loves to use are those surrounding wages and whether or not they are increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. This brings up an interesting discussion though in regards to who is actually responsible for causing wages to increase? In my mind, it has nothing to do […]

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Burak Achey: How to Quickly Increase Your Salary
#017 – Burak Achey: How to Quickly Increase Your Salary

Burak is a manufacturing engineer and a beast when it comes to effectively increase the amount of money he makes per year via his salary. While Burak’s path to success was not smooth (no one’s perfect), he made several decisions and combined those with hard work that has taken him far in life. The kicker […]

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My Thoughts on Trade Tariffs
#016 -My Thoughts on Trade Tariffs

The headlines for the past few months have been filled with “trade tariff” talk and speculation. It’s essentially a soap opera playing out for all to see. What exactly is a trade tariff and how does it work? I explain that and then move into my overall views of tariffs and their real life effects.

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