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Join me as I talk all things wealth. To me wealth is about more than money, it's about living your life in a way that gives you maximum peace of mind. Let's focus on a lifestyle that will lower stress and raise the overall quality of life.

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Beast or Brat?
#006 – Beast or Brat?

Looking for ways to get ahead in life? Well… apparently simply “showing up” can separate you quite a bit from what is becoming normal. The timing of these articles could not have been any better for illustrating how those who want to succeed can, in much easier fashion.

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Using the Future as a Wake Up Call.
#005 – Using the Future as a Wake Up Call.

Thanks to some newly released surveys we can travel in a time machine to the future and learn. More specifically, we can learn about what most people regret in regards to financial decisions. There are some scary statistics out there and it’s time people wake up to the reality of life and more importantly, begin […]

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Some Encouraging Brightspots
#004 – Some Encouraging Brightspots

I realize I’ve done a lot of ranting the past few episodes, but I wanted to try and bring in some positive vibes. There have been some dynamics occurring lately in the world of personal finance that I was shocked by, but in an encouraging way.

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Worst. Attitude. Ever.
#003 – Worst. Attitude. Ever.

I got a comment on a YouTube video I did that got my blood boiling so I wanted to break it down. The thought process this person is using is one of complete victim-hood and it 100% irrational when you look at the facts. If you have this mentality or anything even close to it… […]

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Fireworks, Banks, and Dishwashers
#002 – Fireworks, Banks, and Dishwashers

It’s that time of year where we celebrate the birth of our great nation. Unfortunately many use this as a cover to be undisciplined with their financial goals and create some very uncomfortable messes for themselves. When you then factor in just how much the banks are focusing on their marketing, it’s no wonder why […]

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Who is this Clay Guy?
#001 – Who is this Clay Guy?

Welcome to a whole new journey! I am not sure where exactly I want to take this podcast, so I’m open for suggestions and feedback, but the one thing I do know I should probably do is introduce myself and my story. I’m a guy who loves numbers, competition and coaching – these three characteristics […]

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