SLAB Refund Policy

1 Year Guarantee

Try my method for a full year. Put what I teach into action and see what kind of results you get. I’m so confident you’ll see tangible results after a year of using the method, that I will offer you a full refund of the original purchase price for up to one year.

It’s simple. Take the course and see for yourself. If you don’t see any results or progress, I want you to email me to show you did the work. I ask you to show me you’ve done the required steps I outline because I know how powerful they will be when applied. (Notice, I didn’t say how ‘easy and pleasant’, but powerful.).

My method has been tested and proven to work. I am so sure you’ll see results and progress that I stand fully behind what I teach. If you complete all tasks and steps I discuss and do not see results and progress, I will provide you with personal coaching until you see results. This means you can purchase with confidence knowing that even if it takes a little while longer, you WILL get results.

How are results being defined?

We all have different goals, visions and current/future situations, so everyone’s definition of results will be a case-by-case situation.

A result I believe everyone can agree upon (and therefore will serve as the baseline for this money back guarantee) is getting your monies worth via having the course pay for itself.

If I can’t look through your documents (this is also why I ask for you to show me the work, so I CAN HELP! I’m not going to spend my time helping someone who is not serious) and locate a solution that allows for having the course pay for itself 3 months, then I have no intention of keeping your money and I will refund you 100%.

In the sake of full disclosure, here’s how the math breaks down in terms of the solution I will be seeking. You need to either make an additional or save an extra $10.75 per week in order to “recoup” the $129 you spent on the course in 12 weeks (3 months). Think that is possible? I do!

Please realize, this is a results based guarantee, not a satisfaction guarantee. Taking control of your life and finances may not feel satisfying 100% of the time, but that does not mean you are not making progress. As you lift weights, eat healthy foods and run on the treadmill, it won’t always “feel satisfying”, but that does not mean you are not making progress in your goal to lose weight. The same can be true for personal finances.

Control Your Life. Reap the Rewards.

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