How To Save Money | An Easy Strategy for 2020 (Without Sacrifices)

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The problem with saving money is most people automatically believe you need to make crazy sacrifices and are not allowed to “have fun”. This could not be any further from the truth. Let me show you how to save money in a way that will actually pay you (“a penny saved is a penny earned”) whenever you are deciding to make a purchase. This is a money making strategy that has actually profited me over $2,000 since I’ve began doing it. To know that I have saved so much money while not needing to make any sacrifices is a great thing. The best part of this money saving strategy is that anyone can do it. There are no special skills needed or requirements, you just need to have the desire to save money and use a special tool that is freely available to everyone. This money saving tip will cause you to look at how you can save money in an entirely new perspective.

Cost of Contentment

What does it take to keep you satisfied and happy? Your answer will play a large role in how you fit into the economy and what types of decisions you should be making when it comes to acquiring skills.

Are Rich People ‘Actually’ Evil?

Perhaps you’ve seen it (or maybe believe it yourself), people throwing around negativity when it comes to those who are rich. Before you go and start throwing rich people under the bus, let’s stop and think about things. In particular, how exactly did they get rich in the first place?

Destroying Our Youth – Pathetic!

I don’t have much to say other than, if this is actually true… then yeah, this is the beginning of the end for our economy and society. I really hope this is some kind of fake news!

Real Estate Investing or the Stock Market?

A common question among those people looking to build long term wealth is whether they should start with real estate investing or investing into the stock market? While there is not right or wrong answer, there are a couple of key questions that should be considered in order to ensure you’re putting yourself in the best possible spot to succeed.

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Hard Work is Very Overrated

Being a person who works hard in life is an attribute that will take you far, there is no question there. With this being said, when it comes to hard work and finances, things get a bit odd. You can have someone who is extremely hard working, yet, at the end of each month… is basically broke. What’s going on here? I use an analogy to hopefully better illustrate the problem.

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Control Your Life. Reap the Rewards.

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