How To Install Vent Ducts and A Drain Vent

Today on our farmhouse restoration vlog we take a look at bathroom vent fans and venting the drain system. We have the vent fans installed, now its time to drill some holes in the exterior walls and run some duct work before insulation is installed. While I am on the roof I decide to drill and install the drain vent for the second half of our house.

“Out With the Old, In With the New” Subfloor Style

Watch me tear up the old floor. I found some ship lap in the process of the demo, salvaged that, and then installed a new sub floor. The new floor is a 3/4 OSB tongue and groove, glued down with constructions adhesive and then fastened with some ring shank nails.

Framing for New Windows

We are totally changing the window layout in the house. In the video we brace, demo, and re-frame the front wall of the kitchen putting in 4 new window openings.

Getting Some Help Setting Trusses

I got a little professional help on this one. Miles Ulberg Builders came out to set some trusses and build some rafters over the rebuilt entry way and garage. Within a couple hours they had the walls braced, trusses on, rafters built, and the whole thing sheathed and rakes and facia boards installed!

Attaching A Sub Floor Is A Family Affair

Kind of a wrap-up episode today. A quick recap of the random framing we have done in the basement, including building my office and installing some new stairs. Then we move upstairs and show you the new windows framed in and ready to go there. And then we actually build the laundry room, frame a couple doorways and attach a subfloor.


Framing The Basement

A little change in the format with this video. I work on framing a couple rooms and a bathroom in the basement, take a trip to home depot, and kill some bee’s, all in a days work!

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